Fine Natural Champagne & Cognac Melees

Champagne C1-C2
Champagne C3-C4
Champagne C5-C6
Cognac C7

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We specialize in three shades of Champagne and the darkest Cognac (also commonly known as Chocolate diamonds). Champagne and Cognac color come in different tone/hues of color. We carry the desirable tone/hue of yellowish and orangy Champagnes and Cognacs which are dominantly coming from the Australian mines. The C1 to C7 chart of Champagne/Cognac was created by these Australian mines. They are available in sizes from 0.9mm to 3.5mm in very well graded and matched colors. Clarities are VS/ SI. 


Champagne C1/C2 is the lighest color in this group. It is still darker than the TLB (top light brown) or LB (light Brown)color. It is also commonly referred to as Blush color or Skin color.


Champagne C3/C4 is the next higher saturation of color. This category has a little more yellow/orange in it which gives it a pleasant tone.


Champagne C5/C6 is the darkest of Champagne family followed by Cognac. It the border line category which is dark enough.


Cognac C7 is the final category in this family of color. This is the darkest possible color without going overboard where it would look almost blackish losing its transperancy or brilliancy. 


Please call or email for current prices for your specific requirements.

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